Give a Gift of Carol Lynn Pearson
Reading Poetry to Your Loved One


          To make it a special day, surprise the one you care for by arranging a ten-minute telephone call to him or her from Carol Lynn.  Carol Lynn will place the call to the number you designate at the time you wish. 

          Calls are for ten minutes and the cost is $25.  Select from the following categories of poems to be read:

1. VALENTINE’S DAY-- love poems
2. WEDDING OR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY— relationship poems on love and learning
3. MOTHER’S DAY— poems celebrating motherhood
4. BIRTHDAY— poems celebrating birth and life
5. ENCOURAGEMENT—poems to lift the spirit
6. YOUR CHOICE— you list your favorite CLP poems to be read

          Simply complete the following steps:

1. Click the Buy Now button below  to make a $25 payment (PayPal or credit card)

2. Send an email to and provide the following information:
          a- Indicate the occasion and type of poems to be read
          b- Suggest the day and time for the call (Pacific Time)
          c- Provide the name of the recipient
          d- Provide the phone number for Carol Lynn to call

          Carol Lynn will email you back promptly (unless she’s traveling) and confirm the date and time.  She will place the call.

          "I love reading your poems, but after hearing you read them, I wish I could take you home with me."  -S.

          PS: More extended telephone calls can be arranged.  Click HERE for information.