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Upcoming Productions of "Facing East"

(Mormon couple confront suicide of gay son)



"FACING EAST" PLAYS IN VIRGINIA.  The Triangle Players of Richmond, Virginia, will perform FACING EAST February 10 to March 6 as part of the Acts of Faith Festival.  See  Or call 804-346-8113.  See the poster advertisement.

Would you like to see "Facing East" in your area?  If you know of a theatre company that might be interested in producing it, send for a complimentary copy of the script.

Reviews & Response:
     “A tightly-wound domestic tragedy…freshly relevant...dares to ask important questions about faith, death and survival.”—Salt Lake Tribune
     “May well be the best thing Carol Lynn Pearson has ever written…[in her] eloquent, tightly written script…there is very little finger-pointing, but plenty of fodder for healthy debate.” –Deseret Morning News

“The theatre was packed with so much emotion....  Every one there, I'm sure, had a story--of pain, of betrayal, of confusion, of sacrifice and the struggle for love.  They were looking to find redemption, hope, and searing honesty, no matter what the cost.  Thank you for holding nothing back.  You never let up, except for an occasional gift of humor so we could breath. There was a shared compassion that held us in a place beyond words.  It was an amazing experience to be part of.”  --Jan