Telephone Consultations with
Carol Lynn Pearson


Would you or your family benefit from having a consultation with me—
      In the challenge of discovering you have a gay child?
      Sorting out your feeling as a gay person toward family, church, God?
      Helping you address the challenge of a gay-straight marriage?
     Talking through the grief and joy of a spiritual crisis?
     Encouraging you in that writing project you’ve been putting off?
     Addressing any other subject in which I have had experience?

       I am not a therapist, I am a sister traveler with a reverence for the journey.
       I do not claim to have final answers to difficult questions.
       I can be useful as a sounding board, brainstormer, encourager or coach.

       If this is something that feels right for you—
       Click on one of the two options below:

One half-hour Consultation with Carol Lynn - $40.00
One hour-long Consultation with Carol Lynn - $70.00

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          After paying, RETURN TO THIS PAGE AND CLICK HERE to send an email indicating the following:
(1) your name
(2) the general topic you would like to discuss
(3) days and times that are best for you (please indicate in Pacific Standard Time).

       After I receive your request, I will contact you by email (generally within twenty-four hours) and we will schedule a time (I am in California, on Pacific Standard Time).  I will place the call to you.

                                                 Let me be the hearth
                                                Where you sit to work your clay.
                                                I’ll not say, “Shape it like this or like that,”
                                                I promise.

                                                Let me watch as you in absolute agency
                                                Mold your mortal dream.

                                                Only, sit close
                                                And let me give a little light,
                                                A little warmth.
                                                Yes, warmth especially.

                                                Cold clay yields to no form.
                                                Let me be your hearth.
                                                Sit close, be warm.
                                                                                        --"The Friend" CLP

     “Our telephone conversation literally saved my life.  Though you mostly talked and I mostly cried.  I will never forget how you made me feel, that my life was valuable.”  –R.

     “Our conversation with you opened so many doors in our thinking about our gay son.  We’re not where we want to be, but--thank heavens--we’re not where we were.”  L..

     “Thanks so much for the time we shared on the telephone.  I’m looking at a lot of things differently today.  And it feels so right!”  M.