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No More Goodbyes: Circling the Wagons around Our Gay Loved Ones. 
Written from Mormon territory to a general audience, No More Goodbyes is a call to lovingly include in our families and our congregations our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters.  It dramatically shows the unfortunate goodbyes we continue to say because of homosexuality: to suicide, to ill-fated marriages and to family alienation.  It also tells numerous inspiring stories of families and friends refusing to let anything come between them and their gay loved ones.  Purchase

Goodbye, I Love You.  Published by Random House in 1986, this is the story of my life with my husband Gerald, a homosexual man, our twelve-year Mormon temple marriage, our four children, our divorce, our ongoing friendship, and my caring for him in my home as he died of AIDS.  This book took me on a national tour with appearances on Oprah, Good Morning America, and many other major talk shows, as well as a feature in People Magazine.  For numerous people, this book opened up the conversation on homosexuality.  Purchase

Beginnings and Beyond.  Surprisingly, poetry is where I first had some publishing success.  In the first year of our marriage my husband insisted that we publish my poems in a little volume titled Beginnings.  This book laid the foundation for my writing career.  It was followed by several other volumes, and most of the poems are now printed in the compilation, Beginnings and Beyond.  Purchase

Embracing Coincidence.  A favorite of mine, this book on synchronicity shares many of my personal stories that demonstrate the magic of coincidence. (Formerly titled "Consider the Butterfly.")  Purchase

Mother Wove the Morning.  A one-woman play in which I perform sixteen women throughout history in search of the female face of God.  Purchase

In Love Again and Always: a volume of love poems that were initially printed as I Can’t Stop SmilingPurchase

The Runaway Mother: the story of an overly-stressed mother who happens to live next door to the world’s most perfect mom and decided to run away from home on Mother’s Day.   After adventures both funny and touching, Alison and her two children–and even the next-door perfect mom--learn some important things about themselves and about one another.  This is a Mormonization of Morning Glory Mother originally published by St. Martin’s Press.  Purchase

The Lesson: gives us a look at life as a series of story problems.  Like many of my books, I wrote this fable to give myself some perspective on the challenges of life.  That it has been warmly embraced by thousands does not surprise me.  Purchase

Other books in the “Fable” series:
Will You Still Be My Daughter?
What Love Is
Girlfriend, You Are the Best
The Gift
A Sister
A Strong Man - out of print

Christmas books:
A Stranger for Christmas

The Modern Magi
A Christmas Thief
The Christmas Moment
The Christmas Play

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